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I absolutely love to make fun delicious cupcakes for all occasions. I am a mom of 3 little ones that LOVE them. I'm not a pro at baking and decorating I just really enjoy doing it. We have a huge family that keeps us busy with many family event, parties and birthdays that allow me to be creative with my cakes. This is my way of relaxing and having fun. This blog came about when I made the "Fries for Beef" cupcakes. My sister-in-law suggested that I start a blog to show them off and I thought it would be fun to see how many cool recipes I can actually pull off and share them with you.

So here I go...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gabriella's Ducks

My adorable niece had her first birthday party over the weekend. The theme for her party was Duckies. She had a beautiful duck dress and party favors galore. So I obviously wanted to make her something "duckie" and fun. I came across these on the cover of "What's New? Cupcake." I pre-ordered the book hoping it would be here in time for her party.
The base is a simple yellow cake in yellow cupcake wrappers.

First I frosted the top of the cupcake with a plain white vanilla frosting. Then I added a doughnut hole for the head. I needed to add a little more frosting to secure it.
The tail end is a big marshmellow cut diagonal and places pointed side up. After the base for the tail and head were done I popped them in the freezer for about 20 minutes to make them firm enough to withstand the "dipping" process.
One by one each duck was taken out of the freezer and dipped into melted frosting that I colored yellow with a little food coloring. The dipping technique is pretty cool. Guests actually thought that I use a fondant.

My husband did a great job helping me with the final touches of the beaks and feet. It's amazing what you can turn a starburst into. Last I added a dot of the white frosting from a piping bag to the head and places mini m&m's for eyes.
I was so happy the way they turned out. They were a big hit and the kids couldn't wait to take a bite.

Happy 1st Birthday Gabriella!

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  1. Thanks so much! They were so beautiful and delicious! xoxo